Nick and Sarah

We inviting you and your family on 25 December 2015

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Nick and Sarah

We inviting you and your family on 25 December 2015

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Nick and Sarah

We inviting you and your family on 25 December 2015

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Get beautiful nails made for any occasion

Nick Jackson

We needed our nails done to make sure we looked our best for the wedding and Grey's Nail Press over-delivered, doing an amazing job with our nails. We can't recommend them highly enough.

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Amy Porter

Grey's Nail Press helped me and my girls on my wedding day and our nails turned out amazing! If you're looking for cool press on nails, then this is the place you need to go!

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Why you need a professional photographer at your wedding

The wedding is the event of your life when you want to look prettier than ever. There is no doubt that a beautician can make you look beautiful like a movie star but if you didn’t hire a professional photographer to cover your wedding, you’ll not appear as beautiful in the pictures as you actually are.

So, you need to hire a professional photographer for your wedding event who can make you look more and more beautiful in your pictures as well. There are some friends in our group who can capture beautiful pictures but still, they cannot beat the professional photographers because the professional photographers know their job better than others.

There are many reasons due to which you must hire a professional photographer for your wedding. In this article, we’re going to talk about a few major reasons that’ll make you hire a professional photographer.

Knowledge and experience

A professional photographer is completely aware of the wedding mode that which location and moment are perfect to capture a photo. Knowledge and experience matter a lot in every field and the same is the case with the wedding photography.

An experienced photographer knows that what location is perfect for capturing a perfect photograph. He can also ask you to correct a mistake if you’re making one. A professional photographer knows that what styles are perfect for wedding photography, therefore, you must hire someone who can capture perfect photos of you.

Essential Equipment

The equipment that is necessary for capturing perfect photographs is always available with a photographer. A professional photographer carries a High-Quality camera with him for capturing quality pictures. He also brings the lights and backgrounds and all the other essential equipment that is necessary for capturing perfect wedding photographs.

A professional photographer will also bring the relevant props with him that are used in the wedding photography.

Perfect Angle

A professional photographer has the knowledge of deciding that what angle will be perfect for capturing a memorable picture. Angle is the most important element of capturing outstanding pictures. Only a professional knows that how an angle can affect the results of an image captured.

You can also try this at home if you’re not satisfied that angle can affect the results of your image. You’ll be shocked to see the difference that how you look from different angles.


The use of tools is something that is essential for retouching and adding several effects to the pictures. A professional photographer uses tools like Photoshop and Coral Draw to add several effects to the image and change the brightness as well, while an unprofessional photographer isn’t even aware of the names of these tools.

These tools are very powerful and they can change the complete look of a picture if used in a proper and professional way.

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Top wedding destinations in Delhi

Everybody wants to make their wedding ceremony perfect and truly memorable. Choosing a location for your wedding comes with a lot of anxiety and stress because there are many factors included in choosing the perfect wedding venue.

We have tried to help you reduce all your tension and stress by bringing you a list of top wedding venues in Delhi with several other factors including location and rates.

Wedding venues that we’re going to discuss here will help you make your wedding day more special.

But before moving to the list of venues, we would like to recommend you that no matter whatever venue you choose for your wedding, if you want to hire a photographer for your wedding, then you should only hire a candid wedding photographer in Delhi because they’ll capture amazing photos on this memorable event and they’ll make this even more special for you.

Let’s move to the wedding venues that you must choose if you’re getting married in Delhi.

Vivanta By Taj, Surajkund

This marvelous venue is located in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. In terms of quality and comfort, Vivanta has the best innovation along with fully furnished rooms, high-end décor, well-equipped centers for lounges and business.

There are some services that they offer for free such as Free WiFi in public areas and Free valet parking. You’ll have to pay ₹ 5170 – ₹ 8600 Per Night (including tax).

Hyatt Regency Gurgaon

It is a high rated hotel. It has luxurious rooms in it and it offers a huge amount of outstanding services. It is an ideal venue for the guests as they can easily reach here from Gurgaon City Centre or from IGI Delhi Airport.

The features and quality that you can get at this hotel are amazing such swimming pool, fitness center, a spa and some great food. There are a few services that are offered at this hotel for free such as an airport shuttle, 24-hour business center, free parking and free WiFi. You’ll have to pay ₹ Per Night (including tax).

Crowne Plaza

It is another amazing destination for your wedding because you’ll be able to create memories here. Crowne Plaza has a banquet hall for parties and weddings while it’s a premium 5-star property. They have a well-trained staff and the rooms are elegantly modern and spacious.

Here you’ll find different free services such as spa, beauty salon, swimming pool and on-site fitness center.

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Wedding Invitation Ideas to Use For Your Wedding

There are a lot of unique wedding invitation ideas that can satisfy the desire to have a one of a kind invitation. Unique wedding invitation ideas can also be had from professionals who print invitations and have much experience regarding these matters. For those who prefer to have a personal touch in the making of their wedding invitations, working with the designer or printer can help you achieve many unique wedding invitation ideas.

Themed Wedding Invitations

Having a theme for the wedding has become a popular trend. This helps the couple express their preferences over the invitations. Some couples who are into certain hobbies or sports can integrate these into the invitations to make unique wedding invitation ideas. Motifs for the wedding have been around for centuries, but the integration of more informal items such as hobbies, sports, and interest in the wedding invitations are just recent. Unique wedding invitation ideas are abundant especially since these motifs or themes can be anything under the sun.

Themes give life to creative wedding invitation ideas which in turn can shape a wedding. Themes can be anything that both the bride and groom agree upon. Not all soon to be wed couples like to have a theme for their wedding. Others prefer the more traditional approach to the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Traditional Invitations

For these couples, you will need to have an active mind regarding unique wedding invitation ideas that can be added or integrated to a traditional invitation. One can add some things that are related to the theme or motif of the upcoming wedding. A spring wedding can bring you ideas that are related to blooms and flowers which are abundant in this season, which is seen in these Lancashire wedding venues. Dried flowers or leaves can be attached to the traditional or formal wedding invitation, or sea shells can be added as a touch to signify that it will be a beach wedding.

Formal or traditional invitations warrant unique wedding invitation ideas because they are usually rigid and will need to have more decorous and not so flamboyant designs. One can also add ribbons to show what the color motif is for the wedding or integrate a picture at the corner of the invitation to show the soon to be a married couple. The picture need not be big, a two by two picture (sepia or black and white might be preferred) will suffice.

These unique wedding invitation ideas are sure to make the wedding more memorable. Unique wedding invitation ideas need not be expensive instead they can be creative and inspired.

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Fun invitation ideas for your next dinner cruise

Invitations ideas could be tricky and not everyone has the skills to make it awesome for the guests. If you really want to make a fun invitation for your next dinner cruise, we’ve compiled a cool list of ideas to include in your invitation so everyone will be begging to come.

Here are some fun invitation ideas for your coming dinner cruise,

Eat a Lot

This could be real fun for someone who loves to eat, and he is getting your invitation with an offer.

If you tell them on a card that you are providing a lot of food to completely fill their bellies, they will love the idea and will enjoy coming to your dinner cruise, similar to what they did for these Maui dinner cruises.

It is also a natural human psychology that fun is essential for any invitation if it is really meant for an awesome gathering.

Congratulation Card

People love to see surprises in life and if they receive a card from you which say “congratulation, you are warmly welcome for dinner tonight”, they will love the card and it would be a great fun invitation for them to enjoy.

People love to get acknowledged even if it is fake, so sending an invitation like that can make the dinner party full of awesome people.

Are you Alive?

This is a really funny statement that can attract the attention of the reader at first sight. “Are you alive?” includes the fun element at its best contribution and the receiver will be happy to read what is following this line.

So, you can say more like, “if you are, then that’s really good because you are invited for dinner tonight” and this thing can bring huge value to the card and make it super cool invitation message.

Video Message

As you know, this is the era of technology and you can reach tons of people within minutes without leaving your seat.

A funny video message could be a real entertainment as an invitation and if you think about the worth of this idea, then you can easily know that it’s a high value idea because no one is doing it.

You would be the first one attracting the people with that funny video. You must remember to mention the time and venue of the dinner in the video. A card has its own value while a video can have a different digital influence.

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What things should you keep in mind when getting married?

Being married is kind of dream to so many people and they imagine about so many things how they want their wedding to look like and what is their dream? But a wedding is just not about the decoration and other things it’s more about the practical life.

When you are getting married then here are the things you should keep in mind to make your life beautiful.


When it’s time to get married then you should go for the rings which are just not simple rings but you can connect with them. You may visit the to find the different kinds of unique ring ideas.

If you will go for the special rings then you can see different messages on the rings or something you can connect to. Rings are the best part of the wedding when you are connecting to the each other.


At the time of getting married to your partner, both partners are willing to take responsibility for each other. They are promising each other to take care of their lives and to make sure that you feel secure in each other company.

You should keep this thing in your mind and you can lead a happy life with each other. To make your wedding successful one has to be faithful to the partner and you will be able to make it to the end.


You should have proper mindset when you are getting married. You should not drag your husband in any family issue and try to solve things on your own. If you will keep your dragging your partner in everything then they will feel tense all the time.

Just let your partner know that it doesn’t matter what you are with your partner and any problem coming your way will be solved. You guys have enough power to go through all the problems and situations together.


There should be enough communication between the partners that they can talk about anything to each other and understand the situations. If you don’t know each other for a long time then take some time and you will be able to communicate. It will keep your relationship strong and full of trust all the time.

Talk to your partner about anything they love and let them express their thoughts. You need to show them that you are interested in their thoughts and you want to know more about them to make your communication better before a wedding.


At the time of getting married make sure that you are good from the financial conditions. If your financial conditions are good then you should go for the marriage but still, if you want to get married in those conditions then you should be able to half the burden.

Before you get married you should go for the discussion with your partner that in these conditions how you are going to manage the home and how you will be able to make it meet the both ends.

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How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

We all see models and actresses and sometimes we wonder what makes them so young and beautiful? With the age how they can maintain the skin and how there is not a single line on their face? Dermal filler is an answer.

If you don’t know much about these fillers and you are still wondering how do they work? then here is the answer.


When you start getting old then your skin starts getting lean and that’s why you see lines on your faces. Derma fillers add volume to your skin and it removes all the lines and wrinkles from your face. From nose to the lips, those lines are common.


Usually, girls who have thin lips are unable to use some great shades and their major problem is that their lips look like a thin line. If you are going through the same problem then dermal fillers will give volume to your lips and they will be plump.


The area around the cheeks which looks chubby and where your cheek bones are not visible, it will help in making your cheek bones prominent as well as you will be able to reduce the thick area under your eye which is due to the stress.


There is a big difference in dermal fillers and botox. Dermal fillers are made up of synthetic material and they injected into the skin with the purpose of making it plump as well as to reduce the lines from the area. It makes your skin plain and natural.

It depends on what kind of quality you are using of fillers, like if you are using the filler of high quality then it can last up to the five years and it you are using of low quality then it can last up to the six months and two years.

People often get confused in between these two procedures because they both involve injections and they both get inject under the skin. Botox is usually injected in the eye area and forehead which reduces the lines but it doesn’t give volume to your skin and doesn’t make it plumb.


You can go for the well known dermal fillers in Perth and you can also have their advice when it comes to choosing the one. There is two kind of dermal fillers which are synthetic and natural.

If you will choose natural dermal fillers then there is a less risk of getting allergic or having any kind of reaction from them. If you are choosing synthetic one then they last longer than the natural fillers but it may cause you allergy for some time.

With the synthetic filler, you have to take care of your skin like you need to apply sunscreen each time you are going out or else it will get damaged. These fillers are also known as semi-permanent because of the long-term performance.

Take a look at this article to find more about the Dermal Fillers. You need to choose an experienced doctor for this treatment to not to take any risk.

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