Gag Gifts for Wedding Anniversary : Just Say NO!

Gag Gifts For a Wedding Are Not Appropriate

A lot of people forget that a wedding is supposed to be about the bride and groom, not about their own immature inability to think about anyone but themselves!  Last week we were at Charles and Maude Hanson’s wedding, which was exceptionally funny except for someone decided they thought it would be hilarious to get a gag gift and completely ruin everyone’s good time!

One for the brides ex-boyfriends, who was invited for who knows what reason, brought stink bombs to the wedding from a local prank store that sells gag gift ideas for occasions more associated with bachelor parties and frat parties… not weddings.  Right as the bride said “I do” her ex-boyfriend let off a stink bomb right behind the priest!  Insanity ensued and the entire church was cleared an fire department called in, all because of some terrible prank.

I am sick of men thinking they can come to a wedding and completely act like fools.  Weddings are an honored tradition, not a frat party to throw stink bombs at.  I am so tired of all these people ruining good old fashioned weddings with senseless and offensive pranks.  Next time I see someone even think about buying a gag gift for a wedding I am going to absolutely make sure that they get punched square in the mouth.

Some Examples of Bad Wedding Pranks:

For resources on how to act at a wedding visit this site here:  AskMen About Wedding Behavior

This has been a public service announcement by GreySnailPress.Com.  Respect all Weddings!