Fun and Freaky Nail Art Design Ideas to Try this Halloween

Halloween is on the way – you can feel the spirit of creepiness and freaky in the air. With so much inspiration for the design lovers, we couldn’t resist sharing some fun nail art ideas you can try for this Halloween. You can find some Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs on Freaked Blog, and here’s our top choice for this Halloween.

Spider Nails

No one wants to see spiders anywhere near them – you can imagine the type of reaction your friends will have when they see them on your nails. But, if you follow the suggestions you find on beauty blogs, you can make a super exciting nail design.

One way is to make tiny spider figures on the nail. Cover it with a bright color, so that the spider can stand out. Another way is to use spider web motif to cover the surface of the nail. For accuracy, use a toothpick to spread the nail polish.


Besides creepy creatures, Halloween is also known for the pumpkins. You can use them as they look and make them as cute as possible, or you can add a bit of creepiness to the nail design. Paint crazy eyes and smirk on the pumpkin to gain the authentic Halloween nail design.

Black Cat

There’s nothing spooky about black cats – we see them all the time, regardless of the Halloween. However, using a motif of a black cat on a Halloween can elevate the ordinary into freaky. Choose the whole cat figure or just a cat’s eye, and you’ll see how people will react to it.

Frankenstein Nails

It’s a classic horror story we know for centuries, so it’s not unusual that Frankenstein motif found its way to the nail design. The simplest way to make your nails look like Frankenstein is by painting them green (lighter green) and adding stitch motif.

Bloody Nails

Don’t forget the most popular nail design – bloody nails. They can come in different designs, which always leaves the room to be unique and stand out from the rest of Halloween lovers. Choose blood splatter design if you’re crafty and want to do something special, or a bloody french manicure, if you want your nails to look tidy.

Witch Nails

The ladies enjoy witch design because it gives them so many choices to work with. You can go with the “regular” green and add something that resembles the witch pattern. For a more creative approach, choose the wicked witch socks design: not only you’ll get a colorful and yet freaky nail art design, but you’ll also improve your creativity level.

If you want to go with plain colors, mix red, black and gold for the maximum effect. If you’re blessed with long nails, make them sharp and pointy – that will increase the freaky level in your nail design.