Check out these DIY tips to make your nails look amazing


Nurtured and stylish nails will make you desirable, confident and fabulous, but how to make your nails look like that without going to expensive manicures? Check out these mind-blowing DIY tips – and give those nails the looks they deserve!


Tip #1 – Keep them strong

 Strong looking nails is something you can do by yourself with the help of the ingredients from your home. One of the best recipes to keep your nails strong and healthy is to use a homemade scrub every night: mix 2 spoons of sugar with 2 spoons of olive oil and apply the scrub to the nails. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash with hot water.
After couple of nights, you will notice the change in the structure of your nails: they will be stronger and smoother.


Tip #2 – Clean it regularly

 We all know that washing our hands several times a day is mandatory, but how many times do you actually clean your nails? Usually takes more than hot water and soap to clean the dirt from underneath your nails. In order to keep them clean and fresh, make sure you use nail brush each time you wash your hands.

Tip #3 – Moisturize them

 Just like your skin, nails also need to be moisturized and nurtured. There are different kind of nail products on the market, but if you can’t afford them, you can always use a regular hand and body cream. The nutrients from a hand cream will give your nails a shinear look.


Tip #4 – Don’t bite them

 Biting, picking or peeling nails can only make them look ugly – and no one wants to see a gorgeous woman with terrible looking nails. Biting nails can eventually make them weak and more likely to crack.


Tip #5 – Use quality scissors

 Nail clippers will only damage your nails – when you use a clipper and press it onto your nail, it will basically tear apart the nail, leaving rough edges and uneven cut. Instead of doing that, invest in quality scissors which will give you a better control over shaping and cutting the nails.


Tip #6 – Wear gloves

 Cold water can seriously damage the quality of your nails. If you’re doing some activity that involved leaving your hands in water for a while, make sure you use rubber gloves. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it will prevent nails from cracking.


Tip #7 – Eat healthy

 Healthy nutrition is an essential point in maintaining strong and healthy nails. The best ingredients which helps your nails grow are green vegetables and nuts. They contain vitamins E and D and iron which gives a shiny and stronger look to the nails.


Tip #8 – Use high quality nail polish

 Before you apply a nail polish onto your nails, wash them in hot water and soap for 30 seconds or keep them into water and white vinegar mix. That way the nail polish will last longer and you will get a shiny look with only few covers. Always choose a nail polish with vitamin E.


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