Things to Consider Before Getting Married

So, the wonderful day is here and you have decided to get married to the most valuable person in your life. But have you considered taking a look at the things that are important before getting married? If not, then you must wait for a while and think about these things to decide that whether you are making the right decision or not.

Marriage is a great responsibility and you should be careful enough when taking on such kind of responsibility. There is no doubt that marriage builds a strong bond between two people but the real struggle after the creation of the bond because you have to sacrifice your desires to successfully grow your relationship. Therefore, you should carefully analyze different things before making the decision of getting married.

We have brought some important information that will help you understand that whether you are making the right decision or not. Make sure that you take some time to visit the guru da reconquista’s site so that you can make the perfect decision for the wedding. Here are the things you should consider before getting married.

Financial situation

Your financial situation would put a serious impact on your relationship after the marriage. It is a fact that love is really important in making a relationship successful but money is also very important to continue running your relationship. So, you must make sure that you financially strong before getting married so that you can handle all the expenses that may arise after the marriage. The financial strength is also very important as it allows you to keep your life partner happy throughout your life.


The patience is the key to making every relationship successful. You must be mature enough to bear the harsh words from your partner because sometimes, they may become angry or aggressive on some issue. In this situation, you should try to remain calm and show a lot of patience so that the situation may remain under control because if you also started fighting with them, it would put a serious impact on your relationship.

The silence makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. And what’s the meaning of fighting with someone with whom you have decided to spend your whole life?

Past history of your life partner

You must consider checking out the past history of your life partner before getting married to them because there are many people that were scammed by their partner after getting married to them. When you get married to someone, you start believing them and you share all your secrets with them. Therefore, it is important that you run a background check on your potential life partner before getting into a relationship. Here are some other important things you should consider before getting married.

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Tips for Making Sure Your Nails and Lips Look Stylish on Your Wedding Day

The nail art has become very common these days and girls are trying different kinds of ideas to make their nails look awesome. So, when it comes to talking about the wedding day, every girl wants to look really beautiful and attractive so that they may get a lot of appreciation from the guests. You should consider yourself to be a star on the wedding and you should try to make every visible part of the body beautiful and attractive.

The nails and lips are very important part of the body that need to look outstanding because they can help in making your photographs perfectly amazing. The smile on your face can bring an incredible touch to your photographs. In this article, we are going to focus on some helpful tips that can make your Nails and Lips look stylish on your wedding day.

We recommend that you must take a visit to the AuthorityAdviser Facebook page if you want to grab some incredible tips for nails and lips because there are lots of options available for you. We guarantee you that you won’t find yourself helpless after taking a look at their collection. However, till then, you can take a look at the tips that we have grabbed for you.

Moisturize your lips

You need to keep your lips moisturized because dryness can make your lips look awful and it would also affect the quality of your photograph. Therefore, you should use different products that can keep your lips moisturized throughout the wedding. There are many different kinds of ingredients that can perform this job for you.

The suitable color of lipstick and nail polish

This tip is important for both lips and nails because it can improve the look of your photographs. If the color of your nail polish or lipstick is different from your dress, it would ruin the beauty of your photographs and you’d feel very sad after the wedding that you should have done something about it. So, you should think about it before it gets too late and try to make sure that the color of your nail polish and lipstick is matching your dress’s color.

Nail art

There are many different kinds of nail art ideas being used these days. Girls are trying some new ideas every day. So, you can also choose a nail art design according to the theme of your dress. You can either choose a design from plenty of ideas that are available online or you can also ask your beautician to apply a really cool design according to your wedding dress. Here are some other tips that you can follow if you want to make your nails look incredible on the wedding.

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What Not to Wear to a Wedding – From Jumpsuits to Rompers We Share Every Fashion Faux Pas

The wedding is an event where everybody needs to look decent. The dressing sense plays an important role in deciding that which dress can be perfect for a wedding. You may have seen many people wearing awkward dresses at the wedding. Such people succeed in getting everyone’s attention but only in a negative way. Sometimes, it can be extremely embarrassing for you if you’re wearing an awkward dress at a wedding.

The irrelevant dresses look very irritating and people don’t stop commenting on such people that are wearing such kind of dresses. If you don’t want to be the one and want to look really decent on the wedding, then you must carefully read the information that we are sharing in this article. You must have read a lot of articles about what to wear for a wedding but you may not have heard about dresses that may put a negative impact on your personality on the wedding.

For example, there is no harm in wearing the rompers and jumpsuits if you are going to a local party, a club or pub. However, if you are going to attend a wedding party, then these dresses may look very awkward. Here is a list of some dresses that you should wear to a wedding as they may look weird and awkward.

White Dresses

The white dress may look awkward on someone’s wedding because the only bride has the right to wear the white dress on this memorable event. So, you should not take that pride of honor from her. However, you can choose to wear the white dress if the couple decided to organize a wedding party where everyone is wearing white.


The rompers may look very attractive when you are going to a friend’s party or a club but if you are willing to wear a romper on a friend or relative’s wedding, then you should change your mind because rompers are designed for the weddings or such kind of other events. We know that there are many rompers available that can make you look extremely beautiful but such an outfit won’t look suitable for a wedding.


Have you ever seen someone wearing shorts at the wedding? Even the kids come fully dressed for the weddings. So, you should also not think of doing injustice with this event and you should choose a dress that may look perfect for this event. The shorts would put a negative impact on your personality, therefore, you should avoid wearing shorts.


The jumpsuits are also very attractive and they also add a touch of beauty to your personality. But the jumpsuits won’t look perfect for a wedding because such kinds of dresses are usually designed for outdoor parties. So, you should avoid wearing jumpsuits on the weddings. Click Here and take a look at the dresses you should not wear to a wedding.

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Top wedding destinations in Delhi

Everybody wants to make their wedding ceremony perfect and truly memorable. Choosing a location for your wedding comes with a lot of anxiety and stress because there are many factors included in choosing the perfect wedding venue.

We have tried to help you reduce all your tension and stress by bringing you a list of top wedding venues in Delhi with several other factors including location and rates.

Wedding venues that we’re going to discuss here will help you make your wedding day more special.

But before moving to the list of venues, we would like to recommend you that no matter whatever venue you choose for your wedding, if you want to hire a photographer for your wedding, then you should only hire a candid wedding photographer in Delhi because they’ll capture amazing photos on this memorable event and they’ll make this even more special for you.

Let’s move to the wedding venues that you must choose if you’re getting married in Delhi.

Vivanta By Taj, Surajkund

This marvelous venue is located in Faridabad, Delhi NCR. In terms of quality and comfort, Vivanta has the best innovation along with fully furnished rooms, high-end décor, well-equipped centers for lounges and business.

There are some services that they offer for free such as Free WiFi in public areas and Free valet parking. You’ll have to pay ₹ 5170 – ₹ 8600 Per Night (including tax).

Hyatt Regency Gurgaon

It is a high rated hotel. It has luxurious rooms in it and it offers a huge amount of outstanding services. It is an ideal venue for the guests as they can easily reach here from Gurgaon City Centre or from IGI Delhi Airport.

The features and quality that you can get at this hotel are amazing such swimming pool, fitness center, a spa and some great food. There are a few services that are offered at this hotel for free such as an airport shuttle, 24-hour business center, free parking and free WiFi. You’ll have to pay ₹ Per Night (including tax).

Crowne Plaza

It is another amazing destination for your wedding because you’ll be able to create memories here. Crowne Plaza has a banquet hall for parties and weddings while it’s a premium 5-star property. They have a well-trained staff and the rooms are elegantly modern and spacious.

Here you’ll find different free services such as spa, beauty salon, swimming pool and on-site fitness center.

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