Best Honeymoon Photos and Where


There are many amazing and unique places in the world to go and enjoy your honeymoon after the wedding. Finding the best place to go and enjoy this honeymoon has sometimes been a big challenge for new weds. Below I have briefly described some the five best places in the world to visit.

Santorini, Greece

The best place couples do visit is the beaches located in south-eastern of Perissa on Thira Island which are made of black sand. The archaeological site known as the Ancient Akrotiri if open to visitors is another nice place to visit. Climbing the very famous ancient stairs which lead to Monalas city, a historical city in the Thirassia Island can also offer some wonderful experience. Finally, you should not leave this place before visiting the Caldera which is a water pool which served the many isles in Santorini. This island also offers some nice romantic hotels with well-made Greek food s which attracts many couples.  This makes for an amazing backdrop when it comes to photographing the wedding.

Kuai, Hawaii

The beach made of chocolate sand and the aquamarine skies tempt many new weds to visit this place. You can do snorkeling, scuba diving or even some swimming off this famous beach. Popohaku Beach which is a form of a secluded beach will offer the best site if extra romantic activities are needed. Truly, some adventurous romance loving new wed will often choose this destination for their honeymoon.

Maui, Hawaii

This destination has come to be recognized as the Hawaii’s best. Couple can visit surfing beaches, watch volcanoes or enjoy the posh resorts here.  Hawaii is probably one of the most famous places to taking wedding photos, and the views are spectacular. This place also attracts people because it can easily be covered using a car. Interesting honeymoon photos can also be taken on the diverse terrain which will offer some unforgettable memory. The exclusive Lanai will offer luxurious isolation for couples who need this.

Crete, Greece

Sandy beaches, modern cities sharing coastlines with ancient cities, soaring mountains and natural forests mainly made of palm trees are some of attractions in this island. Beautiful restaurants, romantic full night clubs and bars can be visited in the north coast towns of Chania and Heraklion. Beautiful hiking beaches are also found in southern Chania and in another town called Rethymnon.

Florence, Italy 

You visit this place and you will think that we are in the 14th century. This is because of the magnificent Renaissance well springs and the famous Firence which were the inspirations for artists Michalangelo and Duomo. This place also attracts many couples because of its romantic charm, Italian cooking and gorgeous sunsets. If you want to spend you honeymoon in Europe, visit this place and you will not regret.  Some people here would choose to use to get the best shots of their wedding.

Tahiti, Society Islands

Some who have visited this place refer to it as paradise. This island boosts of rugged mountains, a ecosystem and rugged mountains which will leave ones mouth wide open. The regions cultural dance (ote’o) also attracts many new weds to this place. There are also inclusive resorts with beautiful scenery for watching the surrounding landscape.

Travel advice 

For couples who wish to travel in some places like Hawaii in the USA the need to understand the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) requirements is inevitable. Foreign visitors using the normal Visa Waiver Program will have to pay some administration fee. The new process with comprise completion of the application form, submitting of the form, recording of the application number, making of the appropriate payment and the checking of application status Conclusion The above are only some of the best places to visit although there are many more other places. New weds should consider the place which meets their needs especially the financial one. The couple can then organize for their traveling and then go and enjoy their honeymoon!